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In the most visited avenue of Panama, it is located the new restaurant “Cocina de la India”.

Is a casual restaurant with quite modern deco and design.  Its broad menu offers more than 120 dishes from different regions of India. Indian cuisine is among the most popular at the international level with a strong cultural influence of its different regions.

We took a little of the north including the classic cuisine; from the east, we bring sour and spicy dishes; from the west we have light and vegetarian options, and the south is represented by plates with basmati rice. All of our recipes have common characteristics, such as the balance in the mixture of flavors and textures, and the mastery in the art of combining spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits, creating unique dishes of the typical Indian cuisine. We have also been venturing with some Chinese and Italian dishes to offer more variety to our distinguished customers.

"India is a vast country and here we wanted to make dishes from various regions, bringing a bit of every corner of our country to your table, so that the guest has a complete extension to choose from. - Affirms the Chef Chotu - the menu features illustrations of all 120 plates including appetizers, vegetarian dishes, meat dishes with lamb, chicken or fish, side dishes and drinks "

Customers who are not familiar with our cuisine should not worry because next to each dish, the ingredients and preparation of each meal are described in both Spanish and English.

Inside the restaurant, it features an air-conditioned VIP lounge themed around the latest videos from the Indian pop music. It also has a large terrace with a privileged view over Panama Bay and the coastal strip.

Our staff is highly qualified to provide better guidance to new customers, both locals and foreigners.

For us, it is a pleasure to create for you a pleasant atmosphere, where your time in our restaurant will be an unforgettable gastronomic experience and let yourself be seduced by the aromas and flavors of a homemade meal with a hint of India royalty.

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